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MIAMI BEACH ... high-end hotel construction that has swept South Beach over the last 10 or 15 years, followed by restaurants, nightclubs and stores...

Growing South Beach Group keeps hotel business in the family | " . . . “I think we’re finally ready, we feel like we have a machine going to the point where we can start opening properties a lot faster,” said Nathan Lieberman, 34. “I would say Fort Lauderdale all the way down along the beach, anywhere near the beach is a great place to build a hotel right now”... the company now boasts nearly 1,000 rooms in 12 different hotels with about 500 more rooms in development. In addition to the 100-room Croydon Arms, some other upcoming projects include short-term furnished apartments at 75th and Collins and a building around 36th and Collins, which Alan Lieberman hopes will close sometime this year. That would be the company’s first hotel directly on the beach...."

Where to stay in South Beach, Florida
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Members of historic Miami Beach church vote in support of leasing
The congregants of Miami Beach Community Church showed ... about the possibility of being an even a greater ministry in South Beach,” said ...

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