Miami Beach Convention Center project restart

Miami Beach starts new process to redevelop Convention Center - Miami Beach - "Miami Beach on Wednesday officially started a new process to overhaul its convention center — a project about a decade in the making. Commissioners want to use a “design-build” process for the project, meaning the same firm would plan and build the project...."

Miami Beach to spend up to $400 million to deal with flooding issues - Miami Beach - "Miami Beach, which sometimes floods from the bay even on a sunny day, is taking major steps to stay dry, with commissioners voting Wednesday to factor in higher tides and sea levels when planning for city projects.  The move is expected to double to $400  million the cost of keeping water out of Miami Beach’s streets...."

Cuba once again suspends visa services - Nation - " . . . The Havana Consulting Group estimates that Cuban-Americans and other Americans on so-called people-to-people exchanges made an estimated 600,000 trips last year. ..."

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