South Beach, Fun on a Low Budget

Rich fun on a low budget: South Beach side streets - Houston Chronicle"... Taking a scenic route not only gets you out of South Beach's traffic, it also gives you a closer, longer look at the architectural details that make this place unique. While glassy, exclusive high-rises line the edges, the neighborhoods running down the island's middle are mostly filled with low-lying, pastel-colored apartment buildings. A map from the Art Deco Welcome Center on Ocean Drive pinpoints and explains the highlights as you wander what is essentially an open-air museum. As you stroll, look for the hallmarks of Miami's tropical spin on Art Deco: curved corners, round porthole windows, decorative elements in groups of three, or motifs featuring marine animals or ocean liners. After World War II, those designs gave way to the MiMo Style and its asymmetry, kidney-shaped elements, central courtyards and space-age motifs. Compare those to Mediterranean Revival buildings with archways, awnings and tiled roofs. Not every building is a gem, but for fun, keep track of the buildings' sometimes wistful names such as Metropolis (a stretch for just two stories) or Michigan (a funny reference for the subtropics). Wind your way to the Frieze, an ice cream parlor playing on its neighborhood's architectural charms. It's a half-block off Lincoln Road, but its ice cream, made on site, tastes a world away from nearby chain establishments. Near the Bass Museum of Art are the Miami City Ballet studios. Floor-to-ceiling windows running the length of the block offer a glimpse into the dancers' austere world and a serene contrast to the gaudiness on nearby beaches...." (read more at link above)

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Why Miami is a Hotter Real Estate Market Than New York City

Over the years, Miami has been referred to as New York City’s sixth borough, and it would appear that in the exclusive world of luxury real estate, this has never been truer. A wave of New York City developers has washed onto the Florida shoreline in recent months, bringing with them New York buyers...
“I thought, well, you know, everyone is going to Miami. This place is jumping,” said the 80-year-old architect. “I probably should have done this before. But I designed the building and it is great, and I figured I might as well enjoy it myself.”-- Richard Meier, New York City architect, who bought a condo at the Surf Club Four Seasons, Miami (source infra)
New York City Prices in Miami - "...“Look, I was the first guy saying that Miami won’t come back for decades after the last downturn, but it came back in three years and prices are 50 percent higher than they were at the very peak of that last cycle,” Mr. Maloney said. “Unlike New York, Miami is fed by South America, and there, to a great extent, is a flight of capital and people. Nothing will change until you restabilize South America, which is years away.”..."

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South Beach, Art Basel, Convention Center, Taxing District Deal

After 20 years of fighting South Beach blight, taxing district seeks extension | The Miami Herald: "...“Look what Art Basel brought to town,” said Stuart Blumberg, the retired head of a county hotel trade group and the former chairman of Miami Beach’s convention-center advisory panel. “If you put a better product out on the street, you’re going to bring more people here and everybody benefits.” Mayor Levine secured Gimenez’s backing of the CRA extension as part of a larger agreement that allows Miami-Dade to delay an $18 million payment to Miami Beach for another taxing district in the city’s South Pointe area. The deferred payment was crucial to Gimenez closing a budget gap for the 2015 fiscal year that initially had him proposing steep police cuts....." (read more at the link above)

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Surfing, South Beach, Miami Beach

South Beach, Miami: South Florida's most decadently hollow, fiercely guarded A-frame strikes a pose | SURFLINE.COM: "When Tom Blake planted the surfing flag in Miami Beach in the 1920s, he must've done so on a really crappy day.??And when Virginia Beach surfers John Smith and Babe Braithwaite passed through in 1932 with their 10-foot redwood board, which inspired bellyboarding brothers Bill and Dudley Whitman to build their own solid-wood replicas and officially spawn surf culture in Florida -- all those days must have sucked, too.??Because if Blake, the Virginians or the Floridians had taken their morbidly heavy antiques out on a good day at South Beach, those pioneering beach boys would've gotten so rocked, they never would've surfed again...." (read more at the link above)

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Hub Stores, Multi-brand Concept Shop, Jetset Franklin, Miami Beach

The Hub Stores, a multi-brand concept shop featuring designers from Italy, has opened at the Jetset Franklin Hotel, 860 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. The Hub Stores has items from Ishikawa Footwear, MadInItaly Home Accessories, Miss Bikini Luxe Swimwear, Violet and Grace, Guja de Vere Jewelry, LXR&CO Handbags and Accessories and Take Your Time vintage jewelry. Read more at the Miami Herald

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Miami Beach Jazz Festival, Living Legends of Jazz

2nd Annual Miami Beach Jazz Festival "Living Legends of Jazz" from Miami Beach Jazz on Vimeo.

The 2nd Annual Miami Beach Jazz Festival, January 10th 2015, at the state of the art, magnificent New World Center for the Arts in Miami Beach. This performing arts center is the ideal setting for this spectacular event, featuring some of the most talented jazz musicians, locally as well as from all over the globe! World class jazz at its finest in a South Florida setting capturing the essence of Miami Beach!

For tickets please visit or call 305 405-JAZZ

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Miami, Why Luxury Travelers Are Flocking There (video)

Miami, Rome: Why Luxury Travelers Are Flocking There: Video - Bloomberg:
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Departures' Senior Vice President Steven Deluca discusses why Miami and Rome are hotspots for luxury consumers with Bloomberg's Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Miami Luxury Real Estate, Totally on Fire (video)

Miami Luxury Real Estate Is Totally on Fire: Robins: Video - Bloomberg:
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Craig Robins, chief executive officer at Dacra, discusses the rapid growth of the luxury real estate market in Miami. He speaks on “Market Makers.” (10/30)

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Art Basel Miami Beach, Not-to-Be-Missed Parties

Art Basel Miami Beach’s Not-to-Be-Missed Parties and Events - "... No matter what it looks like on social media, Art Basel is all about the art. Well, at least the original one in Basel, Switzerland is. As for the Miami Beach edition, which takes place in the coming week (officially Thursday through Sunday, though festivities begin as early as Monday), it is still a horde of ancillary art shows and performances, with the parodic parade of parties swirling around them. Here are 10 buzzworthy happenings where culture, taste and excess all combine to electric effect...." (read more at the link above)

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Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

PAPERMAG: Our Mega Guide to Art Basel Miami Beach 2014Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’ Will Screen at Art Basel Miami Beach | ARTnews: "Art Basel Miami Beach announced its film program for the 2014 fair, and Tim Burton’s Big Eyes–a biopic about Walter and Margaret Keane starring Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz–will have a special screening before its national release on December 25"

Thom Filicia to Design AD Oasis at Art Basel Miami Beach : Architectural Digest"For this year's Art Basel Miami Beach, designer Thom Filicia will decorate the AD Oasis, an exclusive lounge at the James Royal Palm hotel. The space will feature a curated boutique, mini-spa, and refreshments for fairgoers from December 4 through 6."

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