South Florida, Sea Level Rise (Video Documentary)

Kate MacMillin and Juliet Pinto, explore the narrative of a South Florida community, Miami Beach, under threat from sea level rise in this half-hour documentary. Published Jan 17, 2014

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Miami Beach, High Tides, Sea Level, New Anti-flooding Pumps (video)

Published on Apr 25, 2014--Miami Beach where sea level is rising fast due to climate change. This street floods twice a day at high tide.

Miami Beach shows off new anti-flooding pumps - Miami Beach - "For a few days each fall, the highest of high tides flood streets in Miami Beach. It’s a swampy headache that residents, particularly those in the South Beach and Sunset Harbor neighborhoods, have to wade through. The problem worsens when it rains, especially for traffic. The city is working to have five pumping stations in the southwestern part of the island running by the time the so-called “king tides” arrive around Oct. 9...."

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Miami Beach, Unpaid Developer Fees, Corruption or Incompetence?

Miami Beach, Unpaid Developer Fees, Corruption or Incompetence? In either case, at least now a new administration is in charge due to the vote of November, 2013. If voters had not acted last November, it's most likely the unpaid fees would have continued, and the problem never uncovered.

Miami Beach failed to collect $19 million in developer fees for parking - Miami Beach -"In Miami Beach, a town known for its scarcity of parking, city staffers have failed to collect nearly $19 million in fees from developers — fees that were supposed to be used to improve the city’s parking facilities. City administrators uncovered the problem, which stretches back 25 years, through an eight-month internal review, the results of which were released Tuesday. Administrators will present the findings of the internal investigation to the City Commission Wednesday evening."

Miami Beach to develop plan to recover unpaid developer fees | The Miami Herald"Miami Beach city commissioners were disturbed Wednesday night to learn the city is owed about $19 million in unpaid developer fees, and they want to develop a strategy to collect as much as they can."

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Collins Park, Miami Beach

Collins Park - Wikipedia"The Collins Park Neighborhood in Miami Beach sits on the north eastern point of the South Beach Historic District. Its boundaries are 17th street to the south, 25th Street to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Washington Avenue, Dade County Boulevard and Pinetree Drive to the west. The neighborhood is widely recognized as the cultural center of Miami Beach, hosting such institutions as The Bass Museum of Art, The Miami City Ballet, The SoBe Music Institute, The Holocaust Memorial, the Miami Design and Preservation League and most recently has seen the creation of the CANDO Art's Co-op. Due to the neighborhoods parks and relative proximity to the Miami Beach Convention Center, Collins Park is also a natural flow over for Art Basel Miami events and satellite exhibitions such as Design Miami."

Collins Park Neighborhood Association

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Historic Lincoln Road Church Courtyard, Preservation League Appeals

Preservation league appeals decision to allow new building in courtyard of historic Lincoln Road church: "The Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) has appealed a city board’s decision that would allow the Miami Beach Community Church to lease its courtyard to a developer to build a two-story retail building in one of the few remaining green spaces along the Lincoln Road Mall.
The plan for the courtyard, at the corner of Drexel Avenue and Lincold Road, has been a source of angst from the supporters and opposition. The church leadership has maintained it needs the deal to ensure its survival because of its dire financial situation. Preservationists have said the retail development would hurt the historic nature of the property and block important views of the church, which was built in 1920 by Miami Beach pioneer Carl Fisher for his wife, Jane... A statement released Monday by the MDPL says the appeal focuses on a $500,000 payment made by the developer to the church before the congregation’s vote on the proposed project in December...." (read more at link above)

More info: Miami Design Preservation League

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Miami Beach, Millions in Water and Sewer Fees, Uncollected

Miami Beach failed to collect millions in water and sewer fees from new hotels and condos - Miami Beach - .... Several Miami Beach departments have undergone staffing changes through the years. City Manager Jimmy Morales, who joined the Beach in April 2013, was not aware of the connection-fee issue, and he said questions would have to be directed at staffers and directors from a decade ago...  David Weston, a former fire inspector for the Beach, stumbled upon a county memo in late 2013 that mentioned the unpaid fees while doing some research....“We need to make sure that the people who are in charge of the store can manage our money correctly,” he told the Miami Herald. In the past, Weston has raised questions of corruption in the building department. His suspicions were proven correct in 2012 when the FBI arrested several city employees in an anti-corruption sting, some of whom are now behind bars. Regarding the connection fees, the Loews was the only one of the three companies with the highest unpaid balance that responded to inquiries from the Herald. Alex Tonarelli, managing director of Loews, did not address why the county fees haven’t been paid by the hotel in a statement provided last week. Because of the statute of limitation, the county could not pursue the $976,006 unpaid by the hotel. “These monies are related to connection fees from the original construction of the hotel,” he said. “We were made aware of this years after the fact and have been consistently meeting our financial obligations, as per our agreement with the city.”..." (read more at the link above)

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MAISON&OBJET AMERICAS, Coming May 2015, Miami Beach

MAISON&OBJET AMERICAS, Coming May 2015, Miami Beach--

The show will be deliberately limited to 200 selected brands in order to guarantee a certain level of quality with an offer that will appeal to professional visitors.
Applications will be approved by a selection committee based on criteria including level of creativity, show design, brand awareness and of course commercial presence in the region.

The collections presented will be representative of families of products and design concepts present at MAISON&OBJET PARIS (furniture, objects, lighting, tableware, furnishings, upholstery fabric, decorative accessories, linens, materials, overarching decoration concepts, etc.).

MAISON&OBJET AMERICAS be fully organized by the MAISON&OBJET PARIS teams, thereby ensuring the DNA of the show is retained.

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Miami Beach, Espanola Way

Miami Beach, Espanola Way
Española Way was concieved by N.B.T Roney (of the Roney Plaza Hotel) in 1925 as "The Historic Village".Though it's located in the city's Art Deco District, the area was modeled after the Mediterranean villages of Spain and France and was originally built as a meeting place by Miami Beach's wealthiest citizens. In addition to being home to many of Miami's finest, in the late 1920’s it also served as the gambling destination for some of the US most notorious bad men like Al Capone who played at the Clay Hotel. source:

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Maison & Objet, Design Show, Miami Beach, May 12-15

‘Art Basel’ of design world headed to Beach - Miami Today:  "Maison & Objet, a high-end show coming to Miami Beach May 12-15, is the Art Basel of the design world, observers say. And, like the prestigious art event, it will spawn a web of smaller shows, parties and auxiliary events. “This is essentially a big happening in interior design,” said Max Sklar, Miami Beach director of tourism, culture and economic development. “and we expect it to follow the same pattern we have seen with Art Basel, Swim Week and other major shows, with many side events springing up.” “There will be nothing like it in the U.S.,” said Teresa Laughlin, principal of New York City-based TC Laughlin Public Relations Group, which represents Maison & Objet stateside. Maison & Objet in Paris draws 80,000 visitors, 3,000 trade exhibitors and 3,500 journalists twice yearly, she said. Nearly half of visitors and exhibitors are international, according to the show’s website...." more info at link above and at:

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Miami Beach, South Pointe Pier

Miami Beach reopens South Pointe Pier - Miami Beach - "...Work on the new, 450-foot-long pier began with the careful relocation of coral that lived under the old structure. “It was a very challenging construction,” said David Martinez, director of capital improvement projects for the city. The pier features several stations to cut bait and wash fish, as well as recycling bins for fishing line. Martinez said the pier was construct with a sturdy decking, with wooden slats that will snap off without bending the rest of the structure."

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Holocaust Memorial, Miami Beach

Holocaust Memorial
Collins Canal, Miami Beach, FL
The Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation - a stirring memorial built in memory of the Jewish culture and individuals destroyed by the Holocaust.

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$342 million sale, Six Properties, Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

$342 million sale of six properties on Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road | ".... At $342 million, the Lincoln Road sale ranks among one of the highest priced deals in South Florida... widespread popularity of Lincoln Road among investors. Asking prices for properties can approach $5,000 a square foot. Rents have risen to $300 a square foot, which puts Lincoln Road on par with New York’s Madison Avenue, said retail consultant Cynthia Cohen, president of Strategic Mindshare. Such prices also reflect tourists and residents’ growing interest in shopping and dining along urban streets. “When there’s a buzz of hot retailers, restaurants and a real energy to the street, then it’s magic,” Cohen said. Indeed, for the past few years, Lincoln Road has become a magnet for global brands, amid an influx of new capital from New York institutional investors. Prices have hit new heights as the pedestrian mall attracts more international and national retail tenants. In June, the Gap opened a new two-story store, with Athleta next door and Intermix alongside it. Lululemon, Zara, Apple, and Zadig & Voltaire are under construction on the street, which boasts other new tenants — including Urban Outfitters, American Eagle Apparel, H&M and Forever 21. In the realm of commercial real estate, experts say Lincoln Road has taken its place among the most regaled high streets of the world...." (read more at link above)

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