South Beach 17000 Square Foot Residence Over Garage

Haute 100 Update Miami: Russell Galbut Building 17,000 Square Foot Residence Over Garage In SoFi"Miami business mogul and Haute 100 lister Russell Galbut is marking his territory in another spot on Miami Beach in the form of a sprawling 17,000 sq. ft. mansion in the sky. Starting on the third floor and rising up to the rooftop terraces on the seventh, the mega-apartment will be situated near Alton in South of Fifth. The bold build-out is fitting for Galbut, who made much of his fortune in South Beach real estate."

South Beach's Mokai Lounge Closing for Renovation With "Everything Must Go" Party: "...Apparently, though, according to club reps, the shutdown is only temporary..."

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