Dade Boulevard bike path, Miami Beach, ready by early 2015?

After more than two years of intermittent work, Miami Beach still has not completed a bike path paralleling the Collins Canal along Dade Boulevard....

Dade Boulevard bike path could be ready by early 2015 - Miami Beach - “....The replacement of the temporary asphalt from Alton Road to Meridian Avenue is in procurement process. The landscaping from Alton Road to Convention Center Drive is also included in this process. “The work on Dade Boulevard from Alton Road to 17th Street will be included in West Avenue Bridge project because the rebuilding of Dade Boulevard is intended to match the West Avenue Bridge approach. This project will not begin until the Alton Road project has been completed. We still do not have enough information on the Venetian Island bridge project to determine if it may have an impact on our schedule.” Despite the obstacles, Mowry anticipates the project will move ahead soon. Once the procurement process ends, which he estimates will take about 60 days, construction should not take long, he said. “It is ready to be advertised [for procurement],” said Mowry. “That should happen within the next couple of months. Completion depends on the schedule from the contractor. The amount of work is not huge, though.” (read more at link above)

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