2011 Urban Beach Weekend Shootings, City of Miami Beach Liable for Victims' Attorney Fees

2011 Urban Beach Weekend Shootings --

City of Miami Beach Liable for Shooting Victims’ Attorneys' Fees | NBC 6 South Florida: ".... Miami Beach and Hialeah police officers fired more than 100 rounds at Herisse as he sat in a car that police say previously almost struck a bicycle officer. Video shows the car remained stopped for more than a minute before officers inexplicably opened fire, killing Herisse and wounding four bystanders. More than three years after the Memorial Day 2011 shooting, the state attorney is still investigating whether any officers should face a criminal charge. Porter said the appellate court decision clears the way for the trial judge to determine how much money the city should pay for his and other attorneys’ fees and costs...." (read more at link above)

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