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Allan Shulman on his new Miami Center for Architecture and Design and the rapidly changing city it occupies:

Embracing Miami’s Past and Future - ". . . .The best new building? I’m thinking it’s more of a trend of buildings. The recent work of Herzog & de Meuron, like the 1111 building on Lincoln Road, with the open parking garage, and the new Perez Art Museum Miami, are notable for the way they have plumbed Miami’s tropical identification. Those buildings brought tropicalizing architectural features to contemporary designs. These days no stone is left unturned in making projects into an opportunity to show design. It’s proof that an architectural culture is ascendant. What about the rising sea? Is Miami doomed? No, I’m an optimist. Miami changes rapidly. It always has. I live in a different city from the one I moved to 22 years ago. People will rise to whatever challenge comes. We will create new environments. Maybe stilts, or the city will reconfigure itself. It will survive...." (read more at link above)

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