Miami Beach Art Fairs Art Basel and NADA

Yes, Basel and its brethren were a mad blur of dollar signs, branding, V.I.P. check-ins and, of course, Kimye. But as tedious as all that could be, there were still a few moments that mattered (source infra) 

Art Market | A Social Diary of This Year's Miami Art Fairs - " . . .Dealers at the two biggest fairs, Art Basel in Miami Beach, at the Miami Beach Convention Center, and NADA (the New Art Dealers Alliance), at the Deauville Beach Resort in North Beach, boasted that despite predictions of Basel burnout, plenty of collectors attended and sales were stronger than in recent years. So rest assured that these tropical rituals of end-of-year excess will continue for the foreseeable future. . . .At some point, the branded, guest-listed rigmarole becomes tedious for even the most seasoned and elite Basel-goer. For this reason, the best end-of-night activity throughout the week was the one that lacked any discernible structure (though even it had a sponsor — Hennessey). At a mansion in the Venetian Islands, the Parisian party promoters Pigalle and the American rapper Mykki Blanco gathered friends and friends of friends to pump out tunes and Instagrams each day, from midafternoon until well after the sun came up the next day." (read more at the link above)

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