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 “There’s a yahoo culture at the City of Miami Beach, where they tolerate all sorts of police behavior,” said John de Leon, a civil rights attorney and a former president of the Miami chapter of the ACLU. (source infra)

A harsh spotlight, once again, on Miami Beach P.D. - Miami Beach - ". . . .“I advise a lot of young people to be careful when they go to South Beach,” said John Contini, a lawyer who sued the department in the fatal shootings of Husien Shehada and Lawrence McCoy, two of the department’s most recent controversies. “Not because they’re going to be exposed to danger by other civilians. I tell them to be careful of the police.”. . ." (read more at link above)

Miami Beach Cop Accused Of Using Excessive Force « CBS Miami: "A Miami Beach detective is under investigation after he reportedly used excessive force in dealing with an intoxicated model and a man who reportedly tried to come to her rescue...."

Family Sues Miami Beach in Police Taser Death - "The family of an 18-year-old street artist who died three weeks ago after being shocked with a Taser by the police filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the City of Miami Beach and its police chief, accusing officers of “unnecessary, excessive and unconstitutional force” in their apprehension of the man, Israel Hernandez-Llach, who had been seen tagging an abandoned building with graffiti...."

Miami Beach Man Claims Cop Knocked Him Out When He Tried to Be a Good Samaritan: " . . . . one of the 12 cops who fired more than 100 deadly rounds at Raymond Herisse on Memorial Day weekend in 2011 and wounded four bystanders in the process. He was also sued three times in 2012 for allegedly abusing his police powers and making false arrests. .  . ."

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