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South Beach, Miami: South Florida's most decadently hollow, fiercely guarded A-frame strikes a pose | SURFLINE.COM: "When Tom Blake planted the surfing flag in Miami Beach in the 1920s, he must've done so on a really crappy day.??And when Virginia Beach surfers John Smith and Babe Braithwaite passed through in 1932 with their 10-foot redwood board, which inspired bellyboarding brothers Bill and Dudley Whitman to build their own solid-wood replicas and officially spawn surf culture in Florida -- all those days must have sucked, too.??Because if Blake, the Virginians or the Floridians had taken their morbidly heavy antiques out on a good day at South Beach, those pioneering beach boys would've gotten so rocked, they never would've surfed again...." (read more at the link above)

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