Miami Beach, Unpaid Developer Fees, Corruption or Incompetence?

Miami Beach, Unpaid Developer Fees, Corruption or Incompetence? In either case, at least now a new administration is in charge due to the vote of November, 2013. If voters had not acted last November, it's most likely the unpaid fees would have continued, and the problem never uncovered.

Miami Beach failed to collect $19 million in developer fees for parking - Miami Beach -"In Miami Beach, a town known for its scarcity of parking, city staffers have failed to collect nearly $19 million in fees from developers — fees that were supposed to be used to improve the city’s parking facilities. City administrators uncovered the problem, which stretches back 25 years, through an eight-month internal review, the results of which were released Tuesday. Administrators will present the findings of the internal investigation to the City Commission Wednesday evening."

Miami Beach to develop plan to recover unpaid developer fees | The Miami Herald"Miami Beach city commissioners were disturbed Wednesday night to learn the city is owed about $19 million in unpaid developer fees, and they want to develop a strategy to collect as much as they can."

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