Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board, Lincoln Road Church, Miami Design Preservation League

The debate over the Lincoln Road Church Courtyard has raged since December--

Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board won’t reconsider Lincoln Road church project - Miami Beach - "A controversial plan to turn the courtyard of a historic Miami Beach church — one of the last green spaces on Lincoln Road — into a glitzy, glass retail space will go forward after the city’s Historic Preservation Board denied a request Tuesday to revisit the matter. The Board voted 4-3 to turn down the Miami Design Preservation League’s request to consider alternative locations to the proposed two-story complex abutting Miami Beach Community Church’s property at the corner of Lincoln Road and Drexel Avenue. The church, the Beach’s oldest at nearly a century old, was built by Miami Beach pioneer Carl Fisher for his wife, Jane. It was designed by Florida’s first registered architect, Walter DeGarmo.... Mindy Wright, a church member who attended Tuesday’s hearing, said that other alternatives could have been explored. “There are other ways to do this without destroying that open space,” she said. “I feel like the board didn’t take the time to hear any other ideas.”...Daniel Ciraldo, a member of the Miami Design Preservation League, said that his group is considering appealing the decision, which could halt any development for a year. “It’s no one’s best option,” he said. “But we believe that we would be successful in that appeal.”..." (read more at link above)

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