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To download the free app, search for "City of Miami Beach" in the iTunes App Store or on Google Play, or follow the links below.
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City of Miami Beach eGov app now available | The Starting Gate: "Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine announced the release of the new City of Miami Beach eGov smartphone app, available for Apple and Android devices... Report a Concern: Snap a photo of unsightly graffiti, a broken sidewalk, illegal dumping, or another neighborhood concern. The app creates a smart report that automatically integrates with the City's customer support center. Tell the Mayor: Record a voice message and let us know how we are doing. We'll get a notification and respond accordingly. Track the Trolleys in Real Time: See exactly where the Alton Road/West Avenue Trolleys are at any given moment. And when the trolley service expands to NorthBeach later this year, it will also have real-time tracking. Citywide Calendar: Stay up-to-date with all city-sponsored events-including food truck and music festivals, City Commission meetings, and resident advisory board meetings...."

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