South Beach International Amateur golf tournament, December 19-22

"The two courses used for the tournament — Miami Beach Golf Club and Normandy Shores – are pretty much ready to go. “The courses are in great shape,” Hunt said." (source infra)

South Beach International Amateur tournament becoming a top-20 event - Golf - " . . .
Hunt, the tournament’s executive director, prepares to take that next step upward in 2013 in the event that runs Dec. 19-22. “We will be a top-20 event, easily,” Hunt said confidently. . . Hunt rattles off some of the countries that will be sending their best amateurs, including France, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, Venezuela and England. Of course, a field such as the South Beach event doesn’t just happen. “I’ve been working this thing hard for at least three months,” Hunt said. “Top players want to play against other top players. They want to go after each other. You get them by having a relationship with international federations and college coaches.” However, he does admit he has one huge advantage. “The players love the tournament,” he said, “but they also love coming to South Beach.”. . ." (read more at link above)

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