Leonard Horowitz, South Beach Pastels

Meet The Man Behind All Those South Beach Pastels | WLRN: "Buildings Leonard had nothing to do with were being painted with Leonard’s pastels. “Well it feels obviously vindicating that this crazy person, that’s what they used to call me, is being copied everywhere,” said Horowitz. One year after "Pastel Paradise" was released, Leonard died of AIDS. He was 43. Saul Gross was a close friend, and remembers Leonard’s final farewell in South Beach. “A bunch of Leonard’s friends got together and went out on the boat and took the boat along Ocean Drive and looked back at the hotels that Leonard had painted and scattered his ashes in the ocean, looking at the Art Deco hotels on Ocean Drive.”. . Leonard Horowitz had escaped from New York to a drab, broken-down city and died in a place that was about to become an international icon." (read more at link above)

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