Bimini ship superfast?

Start date for Bimini ship still unknown - Business - " . . . A U.S. Coast Guard team was back on the 32,000-ton Bimini SuperFast Wednesday after the ship failed to meet safety requirements last week and was not allowed to sail on its planned introductory voyage last Friday. Janet Espino-Young, inspection division chief at the Coast Guard, told the Miami Herald that though personnel had been inspecting the ship throughout the afternoon, it would not be cleared for sailing by the end of the day . . ."

Genting ship still undergoing safety inspections, sailing tentatively set for Wednesday - Business - "Genting, the Malaysian company that owns the ship, eyed Wednesday as a goal for sailing, but it’s too early to tell whether that goal will be met, said Janet Espino-Young, chief of the inspections division. Before the ship can set sail with or without passengers, back up generators must be working, she said. The company had originally hoped to begin whisking crowds to Bimini by June 28."

Update#2 (July 10, 2013):
SuperFast still does not meet fire safety standards - Business - "Don’t plan to hop aboard Genting’s Bimini SuperFast ferry this weekend.The 32,000-ton casino boat needs more overhead sprinklers before it can carry passengers to the Bahamanian island resort, where it recently opened a casino. It is unclear when the 1,500-passenger ship will meet those fire protection standards, said U.S. Coast Guard inspector Janet Espino-Young. . . ."

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