Miami Beach Convention Center Redevelopment a Bad Idea?

Is the Miami Beach Convention Center Redevelopment a Bad Idea? One City Official Thinks So – Next City:
" . . . . “People come to Miami Beach for the beach,” he said, making a fair point. “This is not a convention town. I don’t have a problem with renovating our existing structure, but the concept of expanding is not wise from a planning perspective. I don’t think it’s wise from an economic perspective. And the amount of debt they’re looking to take on in order to accomplish that is unwise for the economic future of the city. It’s nonsense.”. . . Wolfson said that development has to be organic. “To go in and drop a spaceship in the middle of this area, to me it’s not necessary,” he said. “Look at the Design District. It was organic. Men and women who were trying to invest in the area, they bought stuff and they worked with what they had and they built it up and it was a process. It wasn’t just like, ‘slap down this massive development.’ That never goes well.” . . . "

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