How Kelly Brook and Katy Perry fell for Miami

Florida holidays: How Kelly Brook and Katy Perry fell for Miami
Daily Mail
The family were reportedly 'banned' from filming or living in South Beach after locals got annoyed by the constant paparazzi attention that they felt disrupted their daily lives. The result was that Kim and Kourtney were 'banished' to North Miami Beach.

Daily Mail

Cuba oil drilling: Companies abandon search for oil in Cuba's deep waters - "After spending nearly $700 million during a decade, energy companies from around the world have all but abandoned their search for oil in deep waters off the north coast of Cuba near Florida, a blow to the Castro regime but a relief to environmentalists worried about a major oil spill. Decisions by Spain-based Repsol and other companies to drill elsewhere greatly reduce the chances that a giant slick along the Cuban coast would ride ocean currents to South Florida, threatening its beaches, inlets, mangroves, reefs and multibillion-dollar tourism industry. . ."

Española Way Art Center Closing After 25 Years - Page 1 - News - Miami - Miami New Times: "The building was long owned by South Beach revivalist Craig Robbins, who allowed artists to use the space for minimal rent while he bought decaying buildings and helped turn around the Beach's fortunes in the early '90s. More recently, Craig's brother Scott owned the building and continued to allow the art studios to occupy the spaces. The artists exhibited everything from paintings and photography to sculptures and mixed-media works, and visitors could walk into studios to chat with creative types living and working in the boho enclave. "We all stayed open ten hours a day, every day to share our vision with the people who walked through our doors," Davis says. But Scott recently finalized a plan to refurbish the property and turn it into eight hotel units. "

A Wine Lover's Refuge at WD 555: " . . . Almost as if stumbling upon a secret garden, one passes through double doors on the South side of the spacious room to find a large white courtyard dominated by two young lime trees and bistro tables. The rear wall is lined with vines climbing up trellises and bearing wine grapes to add to ambiance and remind patrons that WD 555 is a wine complex - a place where enophiles can take refuge. . . . "

WD 555
555 Jefferson Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Open from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM Monday through Friday
Open Saturday from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Closed Sunday

"TIMESCAPES" Captures The Vibrancy Of South Beach Through Paint, Mosaics And Mirrors - "Jeffrey's background in large-scale graffiti art and spray-painting coupled with Sebastian's vast knowledge of stained glass, mirrored mosaic and public murals were instrumental to the success of the commission. "Both stained glass and spray paint have very highly saturated and flat qualities so it made sense to approach the design in terms of the architecture, the graphics, the space, and the whole context of the environment," noted Duncan-Portuondo. "Responding to one another's work as we moved along, having fun with the project and having the freedom to go where we wanted to artistically, is what helped us achieve Cricket's goal successfully.""

Miami Beach Corruption Troubles Deepen With Apparent FBI Leak - Miami - News - Riptide 2.0: "As part of the effort to clean-up corruption on the island, an FBI liaison is now working full-time with MBPD. In fact, because Miami-Dade Inspector General Chris Mazzella has refused to send his men to Miami Beach, the feds are pretty much the tropical paradise's last hope. But the connection between the FBI and MBPD could be to blame for the alleged retaliation against Falls. . . ."

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