Bal Harbour Shops evolve

As the luxury market evolves, so does Bal Harbour Shops
" . . . The International Council of Shopping Centers last year deemed the Bal Harbour Shops the most productive luxury shopping center in the world. The 450,000-square-foot mall in 2012 hit a record with sales of nearly $2,730 per square foot — more than six times the national average. . . . Mitchell Kaplan, owner of Books & Books, says he feels a sense of loyalty to Stanley Whitman for recognizing the need for a local bookstore at Bal Harbour and allowing the store to remain without paying top dollar for the space. Kaplan looks forward to lunches with Whitman, who loves an audience to talk about the history of Bal Harbour, “Miamuh” and retailing. “Being with Stanley is like being with a walking history book,” Kaplan said. “I like to hear him talk about the early days of retail. He’s lively and interesting. In many ways he’s someone to emulate. Stanley Whitman is one of the giants in retailing, because he is in our midst, a lot of people might not realize that.”. . . " Read more here:

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