Miami Beach Police Department - lax discipline and misbehavior

Miami Beach Police Department - years of lax discipline and criminal misbehavior
"Miami Beach cop and the meth dealers: a tawdry tale . . . the investigation into his actions has produced reams of damning documents detailing bungled trips to the Bahamas to buy kilos of coke, the rip-off of a suspected marijuana grow house, drunken brawls, a botched attempt to collect a drug debt and — perhaps most strikingly — his penchant for lending his police car, uniforms and other gear to meth-dealer pals. . . . another black eye on the beleaguered Miami Beach Police Department, battered in recent years by stories of lax discipline and criminal misbehavior. The mud is being splattered in many directions, onto other officers and other agencies, spawning a slew of investigations. For instance, the U.S. Coast Guard is probing one of its own for allegedly providing detailed locations of cutters near the Bahamas . . . . "  
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Esquire (blog)
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Esquire (blog)

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