Miami Beach and Genting (Resorts World Miami) will complement not compete with each other

Miami Beach can build cultural center without more studies

. . . • A few months ago I made a suggestion, which would create a Cultural Campus unlike anything in the United States. The Beach can partner with Art Basel and its parent company. So city leaders, take the $55 million still available for the convention center and the infusion of new money from your partner and create an incredible, one of a kind, destination facility. You retain the Boat Show, Auto Show, etc., but you’ve added cultural shows, art fairs in conjunction with the New World Symphony, Miami City Ballet, Bass Museum, etc. That’s not going to happen in downtown Miami — it’s Miami Beach’s for the taking.
• The second solution is just as easy. . . . you no longer have to spend over $700 million trying to compete with the “new kid on the block.”
Either one of these suggested “calls to action” does not need another study. Miami Beach and Genting will now complement not compete with each other.
This is the time for city leaders to lead. It wasn’t too long ago that the city did not favor the Bay Link project, which now proves to be short-sighted. Everyone is now trying to figure out linkage . . . .
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